About company

Biet SK s.r.o. was established in 2012.
The company main office is in Trenčín, Slovakia with warehouse located in Bánovce nad Bebravou.

We are manufacturer and distributor of BIET brand products, which are characterized by modern design and high quality. Our products have an excellent price/performance ratio on the market.

We are producer and supplier of wide range of air care home appliances, wellness equipment and accessories in EU market. Our range of products include air purifiers, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, infrared saunas, massage chairs and other products...
All our products are safe and comply with the criteria and standards for use in the European Union.

We offer our retail customers advantageous purchase with prompt delivery of goods and warranty & post-warranty service.

We are looking for new B2B partners for selling our products in EU countries. We offer to our B2B customers good quality products, fair EXW prices and professional service. We do not have any MOQ orders for our B2B customers.

We look forward to cooperation with you :-).

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