Infrared Sauna BIET Outdoor 3.0
Infrared sauna is a great way to improve health by using the dry heat to de-stress, detoxify the body. Infrared sauna can help you reduce aches, pains and relax the body and mind. Read more

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Producer: BIET


Technical description:
- sauna for 3 people
- wood: fir (interior and exterior)
- 7 pcs of ceramic radiators
- internal control panel with LED display
- FM radio with MP3, USB and Bluetooth functions
- digital temperature sensor
- reading light
- oxygen ionizer
- 6 mm clear tempered glass
- wooden door handle
- roof ventilation
- operating temperature: 30-60 ° C
- power consumption: 2100 W
- dimensions: 1850 x 1200 x 2100 mm
- sauna weight: 145 kg
- packed sauna consists of 3 cartons
- certificates: FSC, CE, EMC, RoHS
- for home use
- 36 months warranty
- easy installation
- manual is part of the package

- automatic digital control system required for sauna operation
- automatic thermostat to maintain a constant temperature
- no more stuffy, fresh air supply thanks to the roof vent
- easy installation
- portable
- completely free standing
- connects to your home network
- beautiful and luxurious look
- adjustable time and temperature using the sauna's digital control panel
- security glass door
- multifunction player

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