Air Purifier BIET AP580

Air Purifier BIET AP580

Comprehensive filtering harmful substance from air. Read more

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Producer: BIET


4-stage filtration system:
The HEPA filter - class H13
The activated carbon filter
The ionizer

Technical parameters:

CARD: 580 m³/h
Effective aera: 58 m² – 93 m² (room volume up to 290 m³)
Power: 70 W
Power supply: 220 ~ 240 V, 50 Hz
Max. noise: 67 dB
Stage 1: Distance 1 m - 32 dB(A)
Stage 2: Distance 1 m - 43 dB(A)
Stage 3: Distance 1 m - 50 dB(A)
Silent Mode: Distance 1 m - 26 dB(A)
Body size: 430 x 220 x 660 mm
Net weight: 9 kg

- Dust senzor / air senzor
- Pre-filter + HEPA filter
- Active carbon filter
- Ionizer technology
- Visible air quality indicator by color
- Touch operation panel
- Smart senzor for night mode
- 3 Fan speed
- Silent mode
- Timer function (1 / 2 / 4 / 8 hours)
- Filter replacement indicator
- Child lock
- Manual

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